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Thursday, February 21, 2013

~ Because together, We are Collage ~

Awoke from a dream,
From a reality I can’t redeem;
Where stars flash and gleam,
Then showered upon me – with the snowy seem.

It was infinite,
If only your own eyes can see what it did;
From above it showered and lit everything,
Then suddenly nothing.....nothing was subscene.

No scarcity of room,
Nor pace of time;
And then all reset – a conscious bloom,
Of insight, sensation and my mind.

Everyone was dancing,
Trusting and sharing,
As we could and can.

You were there too,
And him and her;
Amazed as me – of what we can do,
When we gather and get together.

When we're together,
There’s no worry;
Our now and ever,
More similar than different we are wary.

Once together...
With us -- guy and girl;
Never will it ever blur,
That nature’s our religion – the world our temple.

Being together,
Is the arch of love;
Not a thing can deject -- not a thing can tamper,
Our true living's girth -- a true society's birth.

We are shades of colours;
No divinity can tailor,
Such design of grandeur – such gift of ours.

No perfection,
Nor ideality;
Only completion,
And heavenly accidentality.

Because together,
Possibilities -- not few -- are all in touch;
Because together,
Me and You -- We are Collage.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Under the Winter Rain, with Her...

Up she stares,
Through the cold dry air;
To the blank grey skies,
Where hardly a bird flies.

Tired trees - - naked,
For only warm nests - - the bird's blanket;
Acknowledges the season - - with her visible breath,
As she watched - - layered with all she has.

Every step on the polished ground,
Everytime she looks around;
Is complete with little crystals of white - - drops of snow,
Even the sun is cushioned by the fog below.

And then comes the wind's brushes,
With lovely palms, she self-embraces;
Belittle her thick fabrics,
Make up her pinkish cheeks.

From time to time,
With her eyes - - they sublime;
Stares at him,
With the needing seem.

Catching them and her feminine being,
Is when his icy feeling;
Melts - - starts clinging,
Calming her numb hands becomes wanting.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Can't not

Can’t not...

Ever since I looked away,
And went a different way,
Let my back face yours;
Knowing -- we now have different doors.

Seeing new faces,
Walking – with that same pace – on different bases;
Feels new -- yet old,
Playing a few -- different role.

Can’t stop but look back,
Dancing in my mind when thoughts slack;
Those memories remain buried deep,
Ringing before and after I sleep.

Made me chuckle, then smile,
 Like an idiot – insane for a while;
From a lazy stare to the board,
Sometimes I get bored, then I get caught.

Can’t not,
Let go history I brought;
Be free from fond’s besot,

Can’t not,
Think of all sort;
Can’t not,
Miss you a lot.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Distance (It's Okay)

No sound,
Looking around;
So silent,
So stagnant...

Distant -- from my sight,
Existing deep inside;
Sketches in black and white,
They whisper then hide.

I wonder,
And I ponder;
And wherever.

What I could listen,
Moments I could earn;
If I am there,
Breathing their air.

Bend me the light,
Let me have you in sight;
Take me for a flight,
To get there -- no matter day or night.

Or let me hold,
And take away the cold;
From the world in my palms,
Or embraced in my arms.

But it's okay,
For there's always a way;
To put distance away,
Out of our way.

But it's okay,
For you can still hear words I say;
Rewind memories and thoughts of yesterday,
Even see you without delay.

And it's okay,
Because within ourselves our bonds will stay;
Through times of hardship and of play,
Though there's distance -- it's still okay.

Till we meet one day,
Look forward from today;
Despite the distance -- day by day,
Stay together -- then it's okay...